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How to choose an LED bulb for cabin lighting?

By 28.10.2021Lamps

LED interior lighting is now more popular than ever. In the cabin of any modern car, there are many different sources of light. At a minimum, the cabin has a center light located on the ceiling, as well as a navigational light located at the front of the ceiling, in front of the windshield.

In addition, there may be lamps in the cabin lights located in the cosmetic mirrors, in the glove box (glove box) lighting, in the trunk lighting, sills, foot area, etc.

For all these lights, 95% of cars use two types of bulbs:

  • W5W (or, according to other classifiers, T10) light bulbs
  • Softie lamps marked C5W/C10W (or, in other classifiers, festoon)


  1. Type of socket
  2. Space inside the lamp
  3. Brightness and color of the bulb
  4. Prefabricated lamp sets

Type of socket

Choosing LED bulbs for illumination of the interior of the car is not difficult. On the main page of our store, select the make and model of your car, and then open the subsection “interior lighting. If you can not find your car in the catalog, or subsection “interior lighting” for the model of the car you are interested in is not filled, then pick up LED bulbs for cabin lighting yourself will not be difficult.

The most reliable way to find out the type of bulbs used in the lamps in your car is to open the plafonds and remove the original lamp. If you see that the lamp is all glass with a flat base about a centimeter wide with metal tendrils, then you have in front of you a W5W leadless lamp:


The power of this small incandescent bulb is 5 watts and its luminous flux is about 50 Lumens (the data on the characteristics of incandescent bulbs is taken from the Osram automotive bulb catalog). To replace this in all respects obsolete incandescent lamp, you can choose a modern, brighter, and more efficient LED lamp in the section LED lamps W5W.

If you see a lamp with two metal cones on the ends, then you have a soffit lamp (aka two-ring lamp).

With this lamp, it is important to measure the distance between the endpoints of the bases. If the length of the lamp does not exceed 37 mm, it is a lamp marked C5W, the power of such an incandescent lamp is 5 watts and its luminous flux is about 45 Lm. If the length of the lamp is more than 37 mm, it is a C10W lamp, its power is 10 watts, and its luminous flux is about 100 Lm. On our website, the length of C5W bulbs is indicated by the last number in the name of the LED lamp. That is, for example, the lamp F-4s50f31 has a length of 31 mm, and the lamp F-6s50f42 has a length of 42 mm.

If the lamp is a glass body with a cylindrical metal base, it is a T4W lamp:


The power of such a lamp is 4 watts, the luminous flux is about 35 Lm, you can find a replacement for it in the article T4W lamps.

Space inside the lamp

Once the right type of lamp is determined, it is necessary to inspect the salon lamp itself. When selecting C5W soffit LED bulbs, pay attention to the length of the bulb, as well as the space inside the salon lamp. If the space around the regular lamp is not much, such as in this case, it makes sense to choose a narrow lamp.

narrow lamp

If, however, there is enough space and the salon lamp or trunk quite fit a wider LED lamp, you can put a wider and much brighter lamp.

cabin lamp

LED bulbs are larger lamps that provide uniform light over the entire area of the lamp a good illumination of the entire area of the diffuser, that is, solve the familiar problem of “light point”.

cabin bulb

Luminaire, which is installed rootless LED lamp W5W, may be of different shapes and sizes. The first thing to pay attention to is the location of the lamp inside the lamp. If the lamp inside the plafond is parallel to the plane of the diffuser, ie, simply put, sideways ^ then it is better to opt for side-lighting LED lamps, for example

side bulb

It is also important to assess the space inside the luminaire and, if possible, choose a larger LED lamp for better illumination of the entire diffuser.

In the case where the lamp in the luminaire is perpendicular to the surface of the diffuser and the space inside is very limited, such as in this salon luminaire:

salon bulb

we recommend choosing LED lamps of standard shape, with dimensions close to the regular incandescent lamps:

dimensional bulb

And if there is enough space in the cabin luminaire, it is possible to choose: to put small LED lamps of more or less standard size, as shown above, or put a larger, slightly unusual LED lamps like this:

round lamp

Which have high brightness and give a great effect of bright, diffused light.

Brightness and color of the lamp

In addition to external shape and size LED lamp and need to consider their purpose, ie exactly where to install the LED lamp and what it should illuminate.

Lights “navigator” light is designed to read in the cabin, for example, road maps. This means that the light in them should be enough for reading, but at the same time, the light must not be excessive so as not to blind the eyes. For reading it is better to choose white or natural white glow color. The optimal value of luminous flux, in this case, is 100-150 Lm.

The central interior light creates general lighting inside the car. It makes sense to put it in a white LED lamp with a maximum indicator of luminous flux so that the cabin is not left with dark corners.

Light in cosmetic mirrors located in the sun visors should not be too bright, because during the use of the mirror lamp will shine directly into the eyes. Comfortable light flux, in this case, is 25-70 Lm. At the same time, the lamps should illuminate the face well, which means that the light should be pure white.

Illumination of legs area, glove box, and trunk should be so that not a single thing is lost in the depths of the car. Here you can not skimp on light and put in these, usually small lights, the brightest LED lamps:

bright LED bulb

The bright light of such LED lights will be especially useful when looking for a fallen phone or lipstick in the glove compartment.

LED door or sill lighting performs two important functions. First, it illuminates the space in front of you when you get out of the car, and second, indicates in the dark open door, making it more visible to other road users. In the lights located in the doors, you can install LED lamps of any color and brightness to your taste.

Ready lamp kits

There are many nuances to consider when selecting LED bulbs for your showroom on your own. If you do not want to fill your head with indicators of luminous flux, markings and configurations of lamps, then opt for one of the many ready-made sets of LED lamps.

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