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Kia Sorento Bulbs

By 06.01.2022February 13th, 2022Lamps, Cars

The Best Kia Sorento Car Bulbs

What main light and fog light bulbs do I need for my Kia Sorento? We have gathered all the detailed information about the types and sockets of bulbs for Kia Sorento in this review.

Kia Sorento Light Bulb Guide


How To Choose Headlight Bulb for Kia Sorento?

The most popular bulbs used in lighting your Kia Sorento are halogen bulbs, HID xenon, and LED bulbs. Different generation Kia Sorento models will have their own bulb size.

The Kia manufacturer recommends replacing Kia Sorento bulbs every few years, as their efficiency will deteriorate by several percent over time. There are several types of bulbs used in the Kia Sorento. Which Kia Sorento headlight bulbs to use, we have described in this review.

Hikari LED Bulb

Hikari LED Headlights Conversion Kit

Product information:

  • 6500 Kelvin
  • 10000 Lumens
  • 50000 hours lifespan

★★★★★ 4,9 Rating

Select Size

Kia Sorento Bulbs Size

Kia Sorento (2007 – 2008)

  • Full/High Beam (Headlight Flasher) – H1 (448)
  • Front Fog Lamp – H8 (708)

Kia Sorento (2003 – 2006)

  • Dipped Beam (Headlight) – H7 (499)
  • Full/High Beam (Headlight Flasher) – H1 (448)
  • Side/Parking Lamp W5W (501)

Kia Sorento Headlight Bulbs (Low Beam / Dipped Beam)

Kia Sorento (2003 – 2006): H7 (499) Bulbs

Dipped Beam Headlight

hikari h7 led bulb


Product information:

  • 6000 Kelvin
  • 10000 Lumens
  • 60W

★★★★★ 4,9 Rating

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Best H7 Headlight Bulbs:

  • NINEO H7 LED Headlight Bulbs
  • HIKARI Ultra H7 LED Bulbs Conversion Kit
  • Aukee H7 LED Headlight Bulbs
  • CAR ROVER H7 LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit
  • TIANFUYAO H7 LED Headlight Bulbs
  • Aukee H7 LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit
  • Cougar Motor X-Small H7 LED Headlight Bulb
  • Optilux Hella H71070307 XB Series H7 Xenon
  • SYLVANIA – H7 SilverStar Ultra
  • Philips RacingVision H7 Headlight Bulbs

Select other H7 lamps:

More Information

Kia Sorento Headlight Bulbs (High Beam / Headlight Flasher)

Kia Sorento (2007 – 2008): H1 (448) Bulbs
Kia Sorento (2003 – 2006): H1 (448) Bulbs

Full High Beam Headlight Flasher

The headlight bulb for low and high beam always shines at full power, and switching from low to the high beam is done either by turning the lamp itself or shifting the light barrier.

CAR ROVER H1 LED Bulbs Chips Conversion Kit

CAR ROVER H1 LED Bulb Conversion Kit

Product information:

  • 6000 Kelvin
    10000 Lumens
    50W, more 30,000 hrs

★★★★★ 4,9 Rating

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Best H1 Headlight Bulbs:

  • HIKARI H1 LED Headlight Bulbs Extra Night Visibility
  • H1 LED Headlight Bulbs, CAR ROVER
  • BEAMTECH H1 LED Headlight Bulb
  • H1 LED Headlight Bulb, Aukee
  • Philips H1 CrystalVision Headlight Bulb
  • SYLVANIA H1 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb

Select other H1 lamps:

More Information

Kia Sorento Fog Lamp Bulb

Kia Sorento (2007 – 2008): H8 (708) Fog Lamp Bulb

Front Fog Lamp

Alla H8 LED Bulb

Alla Lighting H8 LED Fog Lights Bulbs

Product information:

  • 6500 Kelvin
  • 2800 Lumens
  • 8.5W, 12V

★★★★★ 4,9 Rating

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Best H8 Fog Light Bulbs:

  • SEALIGHT H8 LED Fog DRL Light Bulbs
  • Alla Lighting H8 LED Bulbs
  • BEAMTECH H8 LED Fog Lights
  • SYLVANIA LED H8 Light Bulbs
  • AUXITO H8 LED Fog Lights
  • Marsauto H8 LED Fog Light Bulbs
  • Yorkim H8 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Select other H8 lamps:

More Information

Xenon lamps do not use in fog lights: constantly changing the configuration of the discharge violates the strictly calculated geometry of the light beam, and the headlight does not perform its direct function. For fog lights it is better to use only LED bulbs.

Kia Sorento Side/Parking Lamp

Kia Sorento Sidelight (2003 – 2006): W5W (501)

Daytime Running Light Kits

AUXITO 194 LED Light Bulb

AUXITO 194 W5W LED Light Bulb

Product information:

  • 6000 Kelvin
  • 240 Lumens
  • Voltage 12V

★★★★★ 4,9 Rating

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Best W5W 194 Light Bulbs:

  • OSRAM LEDriving W5W LED Bulbs
  • Yorkim 194 LED Bulbs W5W
  • SEALIGHT 194 LED Bulbs W5W
  • Marsauto 194 LED Light Bulb

Select other W5W lamps:

More Information

Kia Sorento Daytime Running Light Kits

Kia Sorento Dipped Beam (Headlight): LED kit

Daytime Running Light Kits

Philips Daylight 9 DRL Kit

Philips Daylight 9 DRL Kit

Product information:

  • 6000 Kelvin
  • Voltage 12V
  • H24 x W125 x D31 mm

★★★★★ 4,9 Rating

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Replacement LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL):

  • Philips Daylight 9 DRL Kit
  • OSRAM LEDriving PX-5 DRL Kit
  • HELLA LED Slim Daytime Running Light Kit
  • OSRAM LEDriving LG DRL Kit
  • OSRAM LEDriving F1 Fog Kit

Select other DRL Kits:

More Information

Other lamps

  • Stop/Tail Lamp – P21W (382)
  • Rear Fog Lamp – P21W (382)
  • Reversing Lamp – P21W (382)
  • Front Indicator – PY21W (581)
  • Rear Indicator – PY21W (581)

Select P21W lamps:

More Information

All our reviews bulbs are based only on expert assessments or practical experience with most of the lamps we consider. We always aim to ensure that our management is maximum independent.

Kia Sorento Generations

Kia Sorento 18 Generation (2021)

The Sorento three-row SUV was redesigned for 2021 and slots just below the Telluride three-row SUV in Kia’s lineup. The Sorento is bigger this year and has an updated multimedia system, a nicer cabin, an available hybrid powertrain, more standard safety features, and a rugged off-road version.

Kia Sorento 17 Generation (2020)

Kia has shuffled the Sorento’s trim level lineup, but there are otherwise no significant changes this year.

Kia Sorento 16 Generation (2019)

The Sorento gets a light update for 2019; the biggest change is a third row that’s now standard on all trim levels. There are also some styling updates on the outside, small tweaks to the interior, and a new eight-speed automatic transmission paired with the optional V-6.

Kia Sorento 15 Generation (2018)

A backup camera and automatic headlights that Kia says have improved performance are standard.

Kia Sorento 14 Generation (2017)

There are two new option packages – Advanced Touring and Advance Technology – and both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are expected to be added to the vehicles later in the model year.

Kia Sorento 13 Generation (2016)

The 2016 Sorento is bigger, has a redesigned control layout, and a new optional turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Like its predecessor, the new Sorento is available with standard five-person seating and can accommodate seven people with an optional third row.

Kia Sorento 12 Generation (2015)

The Kia Sorento was redesigned in 2014, so changes are minor. For 2015, the Sorento gets a restyled grille, and its four-cylinder engine earns 1 additional mpg on the highway.

Kia Sorento 11 Generation (2014)

With the available V-6 engine, the Kia Sorento delivers improved performance. Ride quality is controlled, although some road noise can be expected, especially with the available 19-inch wheels. There are plenty of luxury features and two- or three-row seats, but cargo space is greatly reduced with a third row. Curtain cushions don’t extend to the third row, either.

Kia Sorento 10 Generation (2013)

The Sorento is equipped with a 191-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Kia Sorento 9 Generation (2012)

Important standard features include 17-inch wheels, side mirrors with integrated turn signals, headlights with LED accents, cloth upholstery, steering wheel audio controls, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Kia Sorento 8 Generation (2011)

The 2011 Kia Sorento is much better than the previous generation. It debuts in one of the toughest market segments, battling not only compact crossovers like the Honda CR-V because of its price, but also larger crossovers like the Ford Edge because of its overall size. In terms of cost, interior quality, and performance, the Sorento is preferable to many of its competitors, but its rugged ride may spoil those simply looking for the high seating and cargo space that crossovers provide.

Kia Sorento 7 Generation (2009)

There are no significant changes to the Sorento for 2009.

Kia Sorento 6 Generation (2008)

Kia’s Sorento was the Korean automaker’s first foray into midsize sport utility vehicles. At less than 182 inches long, the Sorento technically is a compact SUV, but interior dimensions are comparatively closer to midsize SUVs such as the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer, and Toyota 4Runner. For 2008, there’s a new V-6 engine in the base LX Sorento.

Kia Sorento 5 Generation (2007)

For 2007, Kia bumped the Sorento’s V-6 engine up to 3.8 liters. That engine is still available on the up level EX, but LX models now have a new 3.3-liter V-6. Though Kia lists the same competitors as before, shoppers might also consider some recently upsized compact SUVs such as the Toyota RAV4 and Mitsubishi Outlander.

Kia Sorento 4 Generation (2006)

Automatic load leveling has been dropped as an option for the 2006 model year. New alloy wheels replace the prior steel units on LX models.

Kia Sorento 3 Generation (2005)

A new five-speed automatic went into 2005 models. At highway speeds, the transmission automatically downshifts to fourth gear when manual mode is engaged. The Sorento meets LEV-II emissions standards. Blacked-out headlights and side step bars are included in the Sport Package, which comes with a manual transmission.

Kia Sorento 2 Generation (2004)

Few changes, including a newly available manual gearbox and metallic interior accents that replace wood grain in the previous model, are on tap for the 2004 Sorento. A new Sport Package features side step bars, a roof rack, alloy wheels, and other extras.

Kia Sorento 1 Generation (2003)

Rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions are available. The four-wheel-drive models may be equipped with either part-time or full-time Torque-On-Demand operation. The Sorento comes in LX and upscale EX forms and competes against such SUVs as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder, and Toyota Highlander.

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